07/04/2015 01:58 EDT | Updated 07/04/2016 05:59 EDT

New blocks of tickets being released for Pan Am Games 'high-demand' events

TORONTO - Pan Am Games organizers say new tickets for some "high-demand" events — such as the opening ceremony — will go on sale on Monday.

TO2015 says small blocks of tickets will be available for some previously sold out events — including the opening ceremony, equestrian, basketball, football, diving and athletics.

The organizers say spectators have bought about 750,000 of a million tickets available for the Games, and more than 100 Pan Am events — including almost 75 medal events — are sold out.

The organizers said in a release Saturday that it is typical in multi-sport games for tickets to be held back to accomodate potential seating adjustments and ensure good sight lines.

They say that once these final blocks of tickets are sold, tickets for the events will likely not be available again.

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games will take place July 10 to 26 and the Parapan American Games Aug. 7 to 15.