07/04/2015 12:28 EDT | Updated 07/04/2016 05:59 EDT

Saskatchewan wildfires grow to 114 as homes, cabins, garages burn

Nine new wildfires have flared up in northern Saskatchewan, bringing the number of active fires to 114. 

Three structures burned down overnight in Wadin Bay, according to Steve Roberts, wildlife management director with the province's Ministry of the Environment. 

A fire in the hamlet of Weyakwin burned one building there, and an estimated six buildings were burned in the Montreal Lake First Nation. 

Roberts didn't specify structures according to each community, but he said the impacted buildings are homes, seasonal cabins and garages.

The number of evacuees continues to increase: 5,588 are receiving support from the province, according to the social services ministry. They include:

- 385 moved to North Battleford.

- 2,293 moved to Prince Albert.

- 1,799 moved to Saskatoon.

- 1,111 moved to Regina.

Firefighters and emergency crews were forced to leave Montreal Lake First Nation at around 8 p.m. CST on Friday when the fire entered the community.

"It was scary because you could hear the fire, you feel the heat and a lot of smoke and that's when we decided to get everybody out," First Nation Chief Edward Henderson told CBC News. 

The following northern highways are closed due to the forest fires Saturday: 

- Hwy. 916

- Hwy. 969

- Hwy. 165 West of the 910 Junction to Beuaval 

- Hwy. 102  (no shuttles at this time)

- Ramsey Bay Road and the Weyakwin access

- Hwy. 165 East of Lac la Plonge 

- Hwy. 955 North of La Loche