07/03/2015 23:46 EDT | Updated 07/03/2016 01:12 EDT

Soldier in wheelchair says home not renovated after 2 years, bills piling up

EDMONTON - A soldier who was injured in an explosion in Afghanistan is fighting for his home.Sgt. Kevin Nanson has been in a wheelchair since being injured when an improvised explosive device went off in 2008.The military is paying to have his home renovated to accommodate his wheelchair, but Nanson says after two years, the work is far from complete and his house is uninhabitable.Kevin, his wife Kim, and their two daughters have lived in a temporary home for more than two years.Nanson says the federal government is telling him he is on his own to pay for the work to be finished, and he is also facing discharge from the military, which means no more paycheques.Major General (Retired) Mike Ward, associate director general of morale and welfare services said in a statement late Friday that the work will be completed on Nanson's home without any cost to him.Ward also said Nanson won't be discharged until the work is done according to the original plans and he is able to move in.“We are committed to working closely with Sergeant Kevin Nanson and his family to address the concerns raised about his home modification process. We recognize the stress and strain that has been placed upon the Nanson family and we will work with them ensure this does not happen again."Ward said the Nansons can continue to live in the current barrier-free military housing unit and they will continue to receive the dual residency allowance.“Our men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces have served our country with honour and distinction. It is our duty to treat them with respect and honour.”(CHED)