07/06/2015 10:40 EDT | Updated 07/06/2015 10:59 EDT

Kristina Kuzmic Destroys The Argument Against Breastfeeding In Public

Breastfeeding in public is always a topic of controversy. Just last month, a B.C. restaurateur faced backlash for comparing women who nurse in public to “performers at a topless bar.”

To show just how ridiculous these types of statements are, cooking show host and fellow mom Kristina Kuzmic created a satirical YouTube video to completely destroy the arguments against breastfeeding in public.

“By breastfeeding in public, we are spreading the lie that breasts have a purpose other than just to turn someone on,” she mocks. “Women who breastfeed in public aren't doing it because the baby is actually hungry. No, they're just trying to seduce your husbands, with their milk-filled, leaking, engorged breasts.”

Watch the hilarious video above to see Kuzmic own the breastfeeding debate.

After being uploaded to YouTube last month, the short clip has gone viral with over 1.3 million views. Additionally, on Kuzmic’s Facebook page, it’s received over 700 likes, 600 shares and hundreds of positive comments.

“I'm so happy someone is pointing out the absurdity of this ‘debate,’" one viewer wrote. “ Like... it's feeding a baby. People will be offended by anything!”

Another said: “ I am going to go nurse my baby now... in the bathroom... in my own home... I have five kids and I do not want to traumatize them."

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