07/06/2015 01:16 EDT | Updated 07/06/2015 01:59 EDT

Popular Girl Names: Elsa Is Making A Comeback


Elsa hasn't been this popular since the early 1900s. For the first time since 1917, this baby name has entered the top 500 list, no doubt thanks to Disney's "Frozen."

The New York Times reports that more than 1,100 babies received the name Elsa in the US last year, which makes it the 286th most popular baby name for girls.

Of course, this resurgence is likely the direct result of the ridiculously popular Disney movie "Frozen," which was released in 2013. That same year, Elsa only ranked 528th in popularity, according to the Social Security Database.

Worldwide, Elsa is also popular in Spain and Sweden where it ranks 61st and 3rd respectively.

So have the other names from Frozen had the same boost in popularity? Here are the rankings for Anna, Olaf and even Sven.

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