07/06/2015 10:55 EDT

The Tim Hortons Reese's Donut Is Arriving <strike>This</strike> Next Week

UPDATE: The doughnuts will be arriving on shelves on July 15, not July 7, as previously reported.

When it comes to food collaborations, there's a natural fit between doughnuts and chocolate bars. They're both, after all, the kind of indulgences you feel equally great and guilty about .. so it was only a matter of time before Tim Hortons launched a creation that boasted our of favourite convenience store purchases of all time — Reese's Pieces.

Of course, they didn't do it on their own. The Love Reese’s to Pieces doughnut was the winner of last year's Duelling Donuts contest, the brainchild of Jennifer Brown from Glencoe, Ont. The item, which will be available for a limited time, is a chocolate doughnut with a custard filling, but the real fun kicks in with the chocolate fondant topping, completed by peanuts and mini Reese Peanut Butter cups on top.

And according to Inside Timmies, it's coming to a store near you very soon. While the site (and we) originally reported the launch as July 7, 2015, it will now officially be on July 15, 2015.

Following on the heels of the very popular Nutella collaboration (not to mention the Oreo donut that landed a year ago, a runner-up in the 2013 Duelling Donuts contest), we are very into where Tim Hortons is heading with these over-the-top creations.

Meanwhile, this year's Duelling Donuts competition was launched at the end of June (and runs until July 21), so if you've always dreamed of creating your own masterful sugar-and-fried dough combination, now's your chance.

We know we'll definitely be trying the Reese doughnut — will you?


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