07/07/2015 02:36 EDT | Updated 07/08/2015 12:59 EDT

Smoke Makes B.C. Look Like Another Planet

Almost 200 devastating wildfires are burning in British Columbia, which has seen an extended heat wave and dry spell. The intense smoke has drifted across the province, and even into other parts of Canada and the U.S.

  • B.C. crews are fighting more than 180 fires in the tinder-dry province.
    B.C. Wildfire Management Branch
  • Smoke from the fires has turned the sky into eerie shades of orange and grey.
    Jim Lawrence
  • WhoIsVJM/Instagram
  • Madeline Ell
  • Madeline Ell
  • The smoke has drifted to Metro Vancouver and other regions where an air quality advisory
    Cheryl Smith
  • Beijing? Nope, that's Vancouver.
    Ken Stewart/Instagram
    Particulate matter was measured at 144 µg/m3 in Beijing on Monday compared to 112 µg/m3 in Burnaby, a Vancouver suburb.
  • People are resorting to unique ways to avoid the smog.
    Courtesy prose/Imgur
  • You can see all the smoke from space.
    NOAA Viz Lab
  • This beautiful view from Squamish...
    Rachel Irene
  • ... now looks like this.
    Rachel Irene
  • The effect is far-reaching.
    NASA/Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team
    Smoke from the B.C. blazes (as well as from Alaska and Saskatchewan wildfires) is creating hazy skies over the Great Lakes and central Canada/U.S.
  • Sending best wishes to the crews out there.
    B.C. Wildfire Management Branch
    A logger was killed fighting a forest fire on the Sunshine Coast, underscoring the dangerous work crews are facing.

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