07/07/2015 11:59 EDT

Viral Lemony Snickets Trailer Turns Out To Be Fake

On July 5, a 35-second trailer (which can be seen above) was posted on YouTube, and has been viewed over 1.9 million times. Posted to an account named 'Eleanora Poe,' it is the only video the user has posted since creating the account on June 2 — and thanks to plenty of hints contained therein, immediately set rumours afire about when Lemony Snicket might be debuting on Netflix.

But much to the disappointment (and also, awe) of fans, a spokes person for Netflix revealed on Monday that the footage was not official and did not come from Netflix, Variety reports.

In 2014, the TV streaming service announced plans to adapt the Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events children's books into a live action original series.

The series, which does not have a release date at this time, is expected to launch in 2016. We'll just be hoping for more of these kinds of sneak peeks — real or not — to whet our appetites until then.

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