07/08/2015 06:48 EDT | Updated 07/08/2016 05:59 EDT

#CBCPanAm: We take a tour of the Pan Am Athletes Village

With the Pan Am games starting in two days, the Pan Am Athletes Village (PAV), located in the brand new Canary District of Toronto, is starting to come alive. 

We were invited to take a tour of the PAV and jumped at the chance to share it with you. 

There's no place like home (away from home).

According to this picture, we can be sure that athletes from Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Uruguay have arrived. 

We can also be sure there is no shortage of flags in the PAV.

Or Muskoka chairs of all sizes.

There was an air of excitement in the village. Everything is new and there are so many people arriving. Many athletes were making the most of the communal space.

The Dining Hall

The Games Room

The Fitness Centre

There was a lot going on, but they still had time to pose for pictures.

And of course, go to practice. 

The games kick off July 10th. You can join the conversation online using #CBCPanAm.