07/08/2015 17:19 EDT | Updated 07/08/2016 01:12 EDT

Policy-makers need to strike balance in setting carbon emission goals: CEOs

CALGARY — Governments needs to set a clear vision on energy goals and then let private enterprise figure out how to get there, according to the chief executives of two major North American energy companies.

Greg Abel, head of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, and Doug Suttles, CEO of Encana Corp., were speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event in Calgary.

Both are looking to see what kind of targets will emerge in Alberta and elsewhere as governments become more proactive in tackling carbon emissions.

But they said policy-makers need to balance environmental concerns with reliability and affordability.

Abel said that renewable energy will require government incentives and technological breakthroughs to succeed.

Suttles, meanwhile, pointed out that North America has an almost unlimited supply of low cost natural gas, which has helped reduce carbon emissions.


The Canadian Press