07/08/2015 10:28 EDT | Updated 07/08/2015 10:59 EDT

4 Simple Tricks To Stop Sweating So Much

The sun's out and the temperature is rising and that means things are about to get sweaty.

But don't worry, sweating is completely natural. The truth is, everyone sweats — only some do it a little bit more than others.

If you fall into the latter category, you've probably wondered if there's anything you can do to make it stop, or at least make it a little less extreme. In the video above by the Royal Institution, we learn four simple tricks that can help you sweat less.

Because let's face it, sweat stains on your back or under your armpits (or worse, your chest) aren't just unsightly, they're embarrassing too.

Watch the video above to learn why we sweat and the simple tricks we can use to slow it down altogether.

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