07/08/2015 08:26 EDT | Updated 07/08/2015 08:59 EDT

'Who Deleted Me' Allows Facebook Users To See Who Dropped Them

PHEW! No one's deleted us. Yet.

Want to know how fast you're losing friends on Facebook? There's an app for that.

"Who Deleted Me" is a smartphone app and Chrome extension that allows you to track how many people have de-friended you on the popular social network.

But there's a catch: the app will only show who's dropped you as a friend since you downloaded it. "Who Deleted Me" can't tell you how many friends you've lost in the past.

The app has been around since 2009, but Facebook previously shut it down because it "circumvented" the network's "intended limitations," developer Anthony Kuske told Mashable.

The most recent update was available on the App Store as of June 29.

It works like this: first you download "Who Deleted Me," which then saves your Facebook friends list.

The app compares your current friends list to the saved version the next time you log in. It shows a list of people who have de-friended you, whom you have deleted yourself, or users who have deactivated their accounts.

The app also checks your Facebook friends list on its own, and notifies you when people have dropped off of it. You can then check "Who Deleted Me" to see who's punted you out of their online social circle, or who's shut down their accounts.

We had difficulty logging into the app on Tuesday; it experienced outages after it drew an additional 330,000 users recently, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

And without having tried the app extensively, we're a tad worried about what it will do to your psyche.

Does anyone WANT to know who doesn't consider them Facebook friends anymore? And does anyone REALLY want to be notified about it?

"Who Deleted Me," of course, isn't the only way to determine who's dropped you off their friends lists.

Business Insider noted that a browser extension called "Unfriend Notify for Facebook" essentially does the same thing by providing you with a "Lost Friends" tab on your account.

Mashable said Facebook users can also download all their information from the site and seek out who de-friended you manually.

That is, if you really, REALLY want to know who's not friends with you anymore. At least online.

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