07/09/2015 03:06 EDT | Updated 07/09/2016 05:59 EDT

Archie comic book characters get extreme makeovers from Calgary illustrator

You may not recognize the kids from Riverdale anymore.

Wednesday marked the launch of a brand new Archie Comics series — a brave new world where flared pants are replaced with skinny jeans and the comic's protagonist has given up his middle part for a faux hawk.

"My only sort of the direction from the company was to make Archie cute," said Fiona Staples, the Calgary-based illustrator hired for the job.

"Make him good looking, make him look like someone that girls might actually fight over."

Of course, that's still up for debate.

"I saw there was a poll online that this comic review site was doing [callled] 'Who's the hottest guy in Riverdale?' — and I think Jughead is in the lead," said Staples.

She's not sure why though, seeing as Mr. Jones still wears a crown hat and has a pointy nose.

Other notable differences in the comic is that everyone from the Riverdale gang knows how to send a text message and Betty actually has more than one hairstyle.

"This is sort of an origin story for Archie," said Staples, which is why Veronica has not been introduced yet.

Staples, who says Archie was the "only comic" she read as a kid, is excited to work on a teen comedy after spending the last few years illustrating the adult space fantasy Saga.

"It's actually really fun to just stretch some different muscles for awhile and do something that's the polar opposite of a mature-rated, violent, sci-fi series."​