07/09/2015 02:36 EDT | Updated 07/09/2015 02:59 EDT

Rachel Notley Wears Cowboy Hat Backwards In Harper Photo-Op

Stampede fashion is a tricky issue for politicians

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the Calgary Stampede this week, and the pair donned traditional Stampede headgear for the cameras beforehand.

But something was off at their photo-op: Notley was wearing her Smithbilt hat backwards.

Some gave the premier a hard time for the gaffe on Twitter.

But another pointed out she wasn't the first to make a Stampede attire blunder. Harper was also criticized for wearing his hat backwards at the 2005 Stampede, the Edmonton Journal pointed out.

And others saw some symbolism in the hats...

Notley received the Smithbilt hat after taking an oath and pledging to promote western hospitality "far and wide," which is a Stampede tradition, The Journal reported.

Smithbilt hat maker Ted Stovin told the newspaper that many hat wearers make the same mistake as Notley.

"Hats don't come with how-to instructions," he said.

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