07/09/2015 05:07 EDT | Updated 07/09/2015 05:59 EDT

This Tree Church Took Four Years To Grow Into The Gorgeous Site It Is Today

Four years after he started building growing this sanctuary, Brian Cox's Tree Church is now open to the public.

Cox, a New Zealander with an affinity for churches and gardens, began constructing the Tree Church back in 2011. Using trees from his gardening company, Treelocations, Cox selected a variety of trees to build all aspects of the 100-seat church, reports Bored Panda.

While he originally intended the church to be a private sanctuary, Cox opened the breathtaking space up to the public in January after his nephew (and others) expressed a desire to get married in the space. Couples can expect to spend up to $2800 NZD for a weekend wedding on the grounds or as little as $120 an hour for a photography session in the gardens.

And like any outdoor venue, getting the space picture perfect for an event requires a lot of work — and it probably doesn't help that Cox is a bit of a perfectionist. "It takes me five hours to mow the lawns and at least three hours of final primping to get the gardens and Tree Church to the standard I need to be happy for an event," he says.

But still, if the stunning photos on the site are any indication of what visitors can expect, we'd say all that effort is well worth it.


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