07/10/2015 05:02 EDT | Updated 07/10/2015 05:59 EDT

Pauly, The Six-Legged Cat From Edmonton, To Undergo Surgery

Little Cats Lost

Cats are said to come with nine lives, but this Edmonton feline also carries around a couple of extra legs.

Pauly is a six-legged cat who lives in Edmonton. He's had his extra legs for the seven years he's been around, but a group of concerned animals lovers say it's time for the limbs, which are not functional and serve no purpose, to come off.

Earlier this week, Little Cats Lost, an animal care agency, began raising money online to cover the cost of three surgeries Pauly will need.

"It’s very rare," Dr. Tamer Mahmoud, owner of Oxford Animal Hospital where Pauly is being treated, told the Edmonton Journal. "Most likely there were two kittens (in utero) and this cat absorbed the extra."

Mahmoud told Global News it's a condition that affects one in 10,000 cats.

Pauly was found wandering the streets of southwest Edmonton in April, reports Global News. He was taken in by some caring Edmontonians, who soon realized the cat needed medical help.

According to Pauly's fundraising page, the surgeries will remove the extra appendages and fix the cat's hip dysplasia, to ease his mobility. He'll then spend time with a foster family before being put up for adoption.

In just five days, the group has surpassed their goal of $2000, and say that the additional funds will be used in the spay/neuter program at Oxford Animal Hospital.

Pauly The Six-Legged Cat

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