07/10/2015 10:01 EDT | Updated 07/10/2016 05:59 EDT

Loss Of Priceless Memento Of Stillborn Baby Devastates B.C. Man

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A B.C. man is devastated by the theft of his Celtic love coin — one of a matching set of three that was shared between him, his girlfriend, and their stillborn son.  

"Those are the most precious things we have to remind us of him," said Sam Grenon of Fort St. John. "I keep it close all the time."

The ideas of the coins came from Grenon's sister-in-law and were made in time to have one buried with the stillborn baby. 

"She wanted to do something special and that would possibly help us through the funeral," Grenon said.  

'Most devastating thing for me'

Grenon says he carried his coin in his wallet, which was stolen along with his laptop from his truck in the parking lot of a Tim Hortons on July 6.

"The first thing that upset me was the Visa and the debit.

"Then I realized that my son's Celtic love coin was still in there. That was probably the most devastating thing for me."

Police ask for help

The Fort St. John RCMP are investigating and will monitor local pawn shops to help Grenon find his priceless memento.

They are asking the person responsible and anyone who may come across the coin to return it to the Fort St. John Visitor Center located in the Pomeroy Sport Centre, and say no questions will be asked.  

"I don't really care who took it, just that I want the coin back," Grenon said.


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