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Craven Country Jamboree Fans Display Confederate Flag At Saskatchewan Festival

It appears that some people who went to Saskatchewan's Craven Country Jamboree are lagging behind the times when it comes to the Confederate flag.

Festival attendees display the controversial symbol in a series of social media posts, just as South Carolina voted to removed the flag from its state capitol this week.

And on the fourth day, God said; let there be craven #craven2015 #bertapridebertawide #dirtysouth

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Giddy up #Craven

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#craven2015 #cantwait

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Organizers had previously asked festival-goers not to bring the flag, and said they would request that people take it down if they see it, Global News reported in June.

But that hasn't stopped a number of attendees from proudly displaying a symbol that has been singled out for scrutiny after nine black people were killed in a South Carolina church last month.

Dylann Roof, the man charged in the killings, has been photographed displaying the flag, and those of Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa.

Jamboree attendee Logan Karakochuk flew the Confederate flag at the festival, and told CBC News that he didn't understand what the problem was.

"Love it, it's just like the 'Dukes of Hazzard,'" he said.

But the Jamboree isn't the only place where the symbol's presence is generating controversy.

Two Calgary Stampede retailers have been told to stop selling items that display the Confederate flag, such as a licence plate and belt buckle, The Calgary Herald reported.

Paul Hazen, owner of The Old Sign Shop, took down a licence plate adorned with the flag when the newspaper spoke with him.

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