07/10/2015 12:52 EDT

Nothing Says Toronto Like A Raccoon Vigil

There are forest fires raging across Western Canada.

bc wildfire

The The Toronto Pan Am Games are just beginning.

pan am torch

But Torontonians nevertheless found a little room in their hearts to mourn a raccoon found dead and alone on Yonge and Church streets on Thursday.

Rip raccoon #deadraccoonto

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Social media users became aware of the raccoon after the following tweet by Jason Wagar.

The city responded ...

But it took some time for them to come. So someone set up a vigil.

Which grew ...

And grew.

The city came. Eventually.

Bringing closure to grieving Torontonians.

Who had even given him a name — the Internet hive mind had started calling him "Conrad."

And none summed it up better than ex-deputy mayor Norm Kelly.

Toronto Animal Services said the raccoon has been cremated.

It was a sad day for animal lovers. But some good can still come out of this.

R.I.P., Conrad. We hope you're scavenging in a green bin up in Heaven.

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