07/11/2015 03:48 EDT | Updated 07/11/2016 05:59 EDT

Isabelle Richer thanks supporters after cycling crash

Isabelle Richer, a longtime journalist named as the new co-host of Radio-Canada's Enquête program, says she has been overwhelmed by support after a cycling crash left her with serious injuries.

Richer was hit by a truck while cycling in Rougemont, Que., in late June, leaving her with head trauma and upper spine fractures.

She wrote her first Facebook message since the collision on July 11.

She thanked everyone for their support and kind words as she heals. "Thank you for being beside me in this challenge, because it really is one," she wrote in French. "Know that I avidly read each of your words, each of your encouragements and that collectively they are helping me to see past this accident."

Yesterday, Richer's sister Geneviève wrote a Facebook post in French on the page set up to give updates on her condition.

"Isabelle and I celebrate both of our birthdays in July.

I asked her how old she would be this month. After a brief hesitation, she gave me a number five years younger than her actual age.

That suddenly made her younger than me.

'Nice try, Isabelle!'

But, it's not all that bad, let me tell you. Maybe, when you think about it, she has good reason and that I should also do the same thing.

So, we'll both be five years younger!" Geneviève Richer wrote.