07/11/2015 08:24 EDT | Updated 07/11/2016 05:59 EDT

LNG protest attracts dozens of boaters to Horseshoe Bay

Dozens of boaters took to the waters off Horseshoe Bay Saturday to protest a proposed liquefied natural gas plant in Howe Sound.

With the legislature set to convene to debate the government's agreement with Pacific NorthWest LNG on Monday, a coalition of citizens groups turned out to turn up the heat on Woodfibre's proposed LNG plant in Squamish.

Speaking for My Sea to Sky, one of the organizing groups, protester Eoin Finn says Howe Sound is the wrong place for an LNG plant.

"If LNG has a future in B.C. it is certainly not in the middle of the most beautiful fjord, southernmost fjord in North America," he said to cheers. "To plunk it right in here is a travesty of justice and we will not put up with it."

With horns blowing, the flotilla of dozens of boats set out to trace the proposed LNG tanker route up Howe Sound to Gambier and Bowen islands .

The local activists have the support of the Squamish First Nation which has also raised concerns over the proposed plant. 

The First Nation has presented a list of 26 conditions it wants met and plans to put the Woodfibre LNG proposal to a vote.