07/11/2015 12:25 EDT | Updated 07/10/2016 05:59 EDT

Metro Vancouver fireworks ban leaves business up in smoke

A Vancouver-based business is watching its profits go up in smoke because of a fireworks ban.

Last week the province declared a ban on fires, campfires and fireworks across most of the province due to tinder-dry conditions.

"I've got upset clients, I've got people disappointed, and it means I'm out over $3,000 for permit fees," said Raymond Greenwood, who operates Mr. Fireworks.

This week Greenwood had to cancel four events. He's hoping the handful he has booked for the rest of the summer won't also dry up. 

"Never, ever in 30 years being in the fireworks business [have I] had this problem where it's been extremely dry so long and so early," said Greenwood.

Event planner Catherine Lai never thought she would be hoping for rain leading up to an event, but she is now.

She was hoping a private fireworks show put together by Greenwood would tie together her Great Gatsby party theme. But on Friday she got the disappointing news that her fireworks display would be cancelled. 

"The fireworks is one of the main focuses," said Lai. "Hopefully the weather will change."

Luckily for Lai, she won't be burned for the price of cancelling. Greenwood said he'll eat the cost of the permits and the product. 

"I've ordered fireworks, they've been pulled. I have to pay restocking fees on that," said Greenwood. "I don't think it's fair to the client who's not getting a show." 

Despite the ban, one of the biggest fireworks shows in the Lower Mainland will still go ahead: The Celebration of Light kicks off at the end of July and will proceed as planned because the fireworks are launched from a barge over the water.