07/13/2015 11:36 EDT | Updated 07/13/2015 11:59 EDT

Lost Teddy Bear Has The Best Adventure At Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The staff at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum sure have a sense of humour! After finding a lost teddy bear in their building, employees decided to use social media to reunite it with its owner.

The bear was found on June 23 after a little boy accidentally left it behind. A few days later, the museum tweeted a photo of the stuffed toy running away from a T-rex in one of its exhibits.

“The bear looked like he was well loved and we thought it would be good to use social media to try and get out to the family that we have their bear,” gallery interpreter Jenna Cannon told

Using the hashtag #LostBear, the staff at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum continued to post photos of the bear’s adventures to Twitter in hopes of finding his four or five-year-old owner.

So far, the bear has explored everything from the Life Sciences Gallery to the Omaciw Exhibit.

He’s even made friends with the eagles and met the famous Paddington Bear.

But sadly, he has not yet found his owner.

“He’s got a lot of people retweeting and sharing,” Cannon, the gallery interpreter, said. “We haven’t had anyone say, ‘Oh I know someone who has a bear like that’ or ‘that’s my bear.’ We haven’t had anyone really mention the bear or knowing the family.”

The museum donates lost belongings if they go unclaimed. However, the staff hopes to find the bear’s owner before this happens.

This isn’t the first time a lost stuffed toy has made headlines. Last month, a six-year-old boy named Owen lost his stuffed tiger Hobbes at Tampa International Airport. As a result, the staff gave the toy an epic adventure and posted the photos on Facebook.

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