07/13/2015 01:45 EDT | Updated 07/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Rehab centre NuHab blocked from relocating to Knowlton, Que.

Some people in the town of Knowlton, Que. say they're disappointed with their community's decision to stop a rehab centre from moving to town.

NuHab is one of the few facilities in the province to offer long-term therapy to its clients in English. 

Residents who are in favour of the project relocating to Knowlton, located about 100 kilometres east of Montreal in Quebec's Eastern Townships, say they believe the plan was blocked because of fear and misinformation being spread about the centre.

The NuHab centre offers therapy for up to 15 people with addiction problems and concurrent mental health issues.

Town not allowing zoning change

For the past 20 years, the facility has operated out of a small house in the village of Ascot Corner. NuHab's founder says now the centre needs more space.

It submitted a proposal with the municipality to purchase a larger building with a bigger property in the centre of Knowlton.

However, a working group started circulating a petition to block a required zoning change which would allow for the move.

Several people who were approached by that group say they were misinformed about the potential risks of allowing the facility to move to Knowlton.

One woman said after having learned more about the centre, she now regrets signing the document.

She says she was told by those responsible for the petition that allowing NuHab into town would mean having dangerous people in the area who would be there instead of being in prison.

The municipality defended its decision, saying the process was democratic.

The owner of NuHab still plans to relocate, but is no longer interested in the Knowlton location.

The working group refused comment.