07/13/2015 11:55 EDT | Updated 07/14/2015 03:59 EDT

Tim Hortons' Reese's Donut Might Already Be Available For You

It's no secret that we're excited about the Reese's donut being released by Tim Hortons this week. After all, if you're going to be indulgent, you may as well be indulgent when combining fried dough, cream filling, chocolate and peanut butter, right?

So we were very stoked to discover that some Tim Hortons outlets appear to have gone rogue on the company's official release date of July 15 for the treat, and have started doling them out to hungry fans across the country. As reported today, people have been purchasing the doughnut and posting it online — which means it's already out there.

In Toronto:

I decided to murder a Reese's donut today. Its sooo good and as always too sweet! 😂 #timhortons

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In Vancouver:

The famous Reese's penis :)

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In southern Alberta:

In London, Ont.:

I love reeses to pieces! @jenvb1 #timhortons #duelingdonuts #doughnut #donut #reeses #icecap #timmies #canada

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We're just hoping we'll get an early surprise with the next Timmies we walk into as well. Have you seen the doughnut available for sale yet? Let us know!


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