07/14/2015 03:28 EDT | Updated 07/14/2015 03:59 EDT

MTV Cribs Parody: Dad Gives Hilarious Tour Of Baby's Nursery

Expectant parents love to show off their baby’s nursery, but one father took the experience to a whole new level. Dad-to-be Bryan decided to give a tour of his unborn baby Cecilia's nursery in the style of ‘MTV Cribs.’

Watch the hilarious two-minute clip above.

From the camera angles to Bryan’s comedic commentary, this nursery tour is undoubtedly MTV-worthy.

The video was originally posted to YouTube, where it received plenty of positive comments from viewers. “Absolutely, positively BRILLIANT!!!” one wrote.

“The best and most imaginative nursery tour I have ever seen!!” another said. “So funny, don't know how you kept a straight face for that long. It's clear to see [Cecilia] won't just have the most beautiful nursery but she will have the most un-boring, funniest, personality chocked parents.”

Bryan and his partner Caryn are expecting their baby girl this August.

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