MTV Cribs Parody: Dad Gives Hilarious Tour Of Baby's Nursery

"And over here in the west wing ..."

Expectant parents love to show off their baby’s nursery, but one father took the experience to a whole new level. Dad-to-be Bryan decided to give a tour of his unborn baby Cecilia's nursery in the style of ‘MTV Cribs.’

Watch the hilarious two-minute clip above.

From the camera angles to Bryan’s comedic commentary, this nursery tour is undoubtedly MTV-worthy.

The video was originally posted to YouTube, where it received plenty of positive comments from viewers. “Absolutely, positively BRILLIANT!!!” one wrote.

“The best and most imaginative nursery tour I have ever seen!!” another said. “So funny, don't know how you kept a straight face for that long. It's clear to see [Cecilia] won't just have the most beautiful nursery but she will have the most un-boring, funniest, personality chocked parents.”

Bryan and his partner Caryn are expecting their baby girl this August.

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