07/14/2015 19:55 EDT | Updated 07/14/2016 01:12 EDT

New Democrat decries brief security shutdown at B.C. legislature

VICTORIA — Parts of British Columbia's legislature have been reopened to the public following a noisy protest inside the public gallery.

Government officials cited security concerns before briefly restricting access to the area where people can watch political debates and question period.

Only guests invited by members of the legislature were granted access to the morning proceedings.

New Democrat David Eby called the measures heavy handed, saying the public should not be denied access to the people's house after some protesters caused a disturbance.

On Monday, a dozen people started chanting, "No consent, no LNG" when the government introduced a liquefied natural gas law up for debate.

Security officials hustled them out, and the protesters said they were not affiliated with any particular group.







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