07/14/2015 01:49 EDT | Updated 07/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Quebec Landlords Highlight Gross Apartments In New Contest

Quebec is the only province that doesn't allow damage deposits.

A group representing Quebec landlords has launched a contest called "Histoires d'horreur du 1er juillet" to highlight the filthy apartments they're sometimes left with when tenants move out on July 1st. 

The contest encourages landlords to send photos of dirty or ruined apartments on July 1st, the traditional moving day for people in Quebec.

Kevin Lebeau, the spokesman for the landlord advocacy group, known as the APQ, said the intent is not to shame tenants, but instead raise awareness of the problems landlords face.

"They give the apartment back to the landlord in a condition they definitely didn't receive it," he said on CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

He said he's seen floors and walls completely destroyed, often by pets.

"It's the landlord that is stuck with the problem," he said.

Quebec is the only province that doesn't allow damage deposits. Lebeau said the problem could be mitigated if they were allowed to take deposits.

Maude Begin-Gaudette, spokeswoman for the Regroupement des Comités Logements et Assocations des locataires du Quebec, said it's a small percentage of tenants who leave apartments in bad condition.

She said the real problem is landlords not maintaining their buildings. She said damage deposits can be problematic, because tenants could end up paying for the wear and tear of unmaintained buildings.

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