07/14/2015 10:30 EDT | Updated 07/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Restaurant patios should allow dogs, says Vancouver pet owner

A Vancouver dog owner has started an online petition to convince health authorities to allow pooches on restaurant patios. 

Danielle Bauer says she used to be able to take her little dog Beans with her when she ate at certain restaurant patios in Yaletown in downtown Vancouver.

But she says in the last few weeks she's noticed a change. 

"They literally overnight were going, 'Sorry, we hate to tell you this, but we can't have dogs on patios anymore, the health inspector has come by and given us warnings,'" said Bauer.

Vancouver Coastal Health says its inspectors just enforce the province's Public Health Act's Food Premises regulations, which prohibit animals in restaurants.

The only exceptions are guide animals, live fish in an aquariums, and other animals that a health officer determines will not pose a risk.

Other jurisdictions are more lenient; California passed a law last year allowing dogs on patios with some conditions.

Bauer's online petition argues for the same leniency in B.C. 

"Leave the decision as to whether dogs can be on patios up to restaurant owners," said Bauer.