07/14/2015 12:52 EDT | Updated 07/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Toronto provides public viewing sites for Pan Am Games

Toronto can watch the Pan Am Games the same way it watches any other big sporting event: with large groups in front of wide screens.

Toronto has set up 10 public viewing sites for the Games across the city. Large screens have been set up at community centres, public libraries and other venues to broadcast the events.

The sites "give residents the opportunity to get together as a community to watch the Games and cheer on the athletes," the city said in the news release.

"Toronto is coming alive with Pan Am Games excitement," Mayor John Tory said.

The mayor says the viewing sites, part of the host city showcase program, provides a "wonderful opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the games" through different communities and cultures that will "leave a lasting legacy for the city."

Torontonians can watch live Pan Am broadcasts at the following viewing sites:

- North Kipling Community Centre (2 Rountree Rd.)

- Antibes Community Centre (140 Antibes Dr.)

- Parkway Forest Community Centre (55 Forest Manor Rd.)

- Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne St.)

- Urban Arts Toronto (5 Bartonville Ave. E.)

- Scarborough Village Recreation Centre (3600 Kingston Rd.)

- Thorncliffe Public Library (48 Thorncliffe Park Dr.)

- York Woods Public Library (1785 Finch Ave. W.)

- Malvern Public Library (20 Sewells Rd.)

- Jane/Sheppard Public Library (1906 Sheppard Ave. W.)