Australian Slang Made Easy

So THAT'S what all those *$!% abbreviations mean!

If you've ever travelled to Straya or just hung out with a few Australian friends, you've probably struggled to figure out what the heck they're saying. Between the accent and the abbreviations, even the simplest conversations can be very confusing to outsiders.

Fortunately, in the video above by Youtuber HiJosh, we learn what all those abbreviations really mean. So the next time you hear about someone talking about wanting maccas or a biccy, you'll be able to join right in.

And if you think these guys are just joking around (we'll admit it, we did!), just scroll down and you'll see dozens of comments from other Aussies confirming these words are for real.

Which Australian abbreviations do you like to use and which do you wish never existed? Let us know in the comments below.

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