07/15/2015 15:01 EDT | Updated 07/15/2016 01:12 EDT

CBC adds more TV coverage of Pan Am Games following fan complaints

TORONTO — CBC says it's increasing its TV coverage of the Pan Am Games following complaints by some fans seeking more.

The public broadcaster says its afternoon programming — a mix of live and highlight material — is being extended by one hour each weekday, to three hours.

Saturday's coverage will get an additional three hours and Sunday will get one more hour.

Some Pan Am fans took to social media to slam the CBC for an apparent dearth of live TV coverage and limited online streaming options.

The CBC has said its live coverage is at the mercy of the games' host broadcaster, a body that determines which live feeds are made available to media outlets around the world.

CBC says in a release that it's committed to providing "as much sports coverage as is made available by Toronto 2015," including all medal moments.

The network says the live events being made available include cycling, gymnastics, diving, synchronized swimming, swimming, beach volleyball, soccer, taekwondo and basketball.

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