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Delia, Alta. Sells Out Of $10 Lots Almost Immediately

Now THIS is how you attract more residents to your town.

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Now this is how you attract more residents to your town.

The small hamlet of Delia, Alta. recently sold out of lots in a matter of hours, after offering would-be residents a plot of land for just $10.

The lots, which come completely serviced and ready for home construction, were offered on the cheap after sales stalled in the village, located about two hours northeast of Calgary.

"It’s got a strong core of people, like volunteers, getting things done," Delia resident Dennis Thordason told Global News about the 186-person town. "You can see how clean, neat and tidy the village is and people are willing to work at it."

However, the town's population has been in decline over the years, leading to a proposal to sell 15 lots for just $10 a piece.

Buyers have agreed to put down a $1,000 deposit per lot -— $990 of which will be returned to them if they break ground within a year, reports CBC News.

"Over the weekend, we probably had over 1,200 plus phone calls, texts, emails from people interested in buying the lots," Mayor Dawn Bancroft told Global News. "They’re all gone now. It didn’t take very long."

According to CTV News, the sale was so successful that the community will consider putting another 20 lots up for sale.

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