07/15/2015 09:20 EDT | Updated 07/15/2016 05:59 EDT

Downtown businesses opting against staying open 24 hours

Despite being given the option by the Montreal city administration since May, stores in the downtown core are not opting to be open for 24 hours.

Businesses in Montreal's Latin Quarter, Gay Village, and Quartier des Spectacles have the option of never closing.

However, businesses in the area have overwhelmingly decided not to bother staying open all night.

Despite that, business owners like Kevin Gascoyne still welcome the decision. The co-owner of Camellia-Sinensis Tea House says it has allowed businesses to adapt their hours.

He said business owners he's spoken to say they're still trying to determine how to change their hours to better serve their customers.

"I like the idea that there are no barriers," he said.

Gascoyne's business closes at 11 p.m. — he said right now, that works perfectly for his business.

The owner of Off the Hook, a clothing store on Ste-Catherine Street, is less optimistic.

Harry Drakopoulos says the city wasted their time and money when it decided to change the rule.

"It's very simple. Past a certain point, people are not shopping anymore," he said.

He said it might make sense for him to stay open later around the holiday season, but noted that after 7 p.m., he sees a dip in sales. He says it's very unlikely that anyone will be buying clothing at 3 a.m.

As well, he said it could be a security risk. He worries drunk people might come into the store and harass staff.