07/15/2015 05:11 EDT | Updated 07/15/2015 05:59 EDT

Joyce Murray, Vancouver MP, Apologizes For 'Sobriety' Ad Aimed At First Nations Grads

Vancouver Liberal MP Joyce Murray has apologized for a print ad under her name that touted "sobriety, education and hard work" as keys to success for high school graduates.

After the ad was circulated on social media, Murray swiftly issued a statement on Facebook:

"I would like to apologize unreservedly for the deeply offensive language in this advertisement.

I was not aware of this advertisement and did not approve of its content. However, I assume full responsibility for what has happened and I offer my most sincere apologies to all those who were offended by this comment."

The ad appeared in The First Nations Drum newspaper. Editor Len O'Connor told CBC News that the ad was written by an aboriginal member of the sales department, and approved by one of Murray's staffers.

The MP did not see the copy, and O'Connor highlighted that Murray is "very supportive" of First Nations issues.

Murray has been the Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra since 2008. She is running for re-election in October's federal vote.

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