07/15/2015 11:05 EDT | Updated 07/15/2016 01:12 EDT

Nova Scotia budget restraint to stay after strong byelection results: premier

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia's premier says he plans to continue his party's budget restraint plans after strong byelection results for his party on Tuesday.

Stephen McNeil said today he's pleased his majority Liberal government picked up two seats in Cape Breton, while coming a close second in Dartmouth South.

He says the results are encouraging, coming just three months after a provincial budget that included reductions in subsidies to the film industry, public sector layoffs and cuts to non-profit groups.

The premier says his party's result is strong considering the budget restraints announced in the middle of its term.

He says the province faces serious financial issues and he will continue to press forward with efforts to balance the budget.

McNeil added that his government will also remain committed to keeping the cost of public sector salaries in check in upcoming labour talks. 

The Liberals now hold 34 of the legislature's 51 seats, while the Progressive Conservatives have 10 seats, with the NDP holding six and the remaining seat belonging to an independent member.



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