07/15/2015 12:29 EDT | Updated 07/15/2015 12:59 EDT

Saskatoon Garbage Truck Totally Owns Garbage Can

The truck shows the can who's boss.

Hot weather has been plaguing the prairies, and it appears that heat could be getting to man and machine, alike.

Officials say the hydraulic arm of a Saskatoon garbage truck caught on camera destroying a garbage bin likely malfunctioned in the heat.

A video posted by a concerned homeowner to YouTube over the weekend shows a city garbage truck on collection day, using its hydraulic arm to lift and empty bins in a back alley.

In the last seconds of the video the hydraulic arm fails, crushing the receptacle repeatedly, before leaving it crumpled like a pop can, lying on its side.

"Can someone please explain how workers for the city do things like this and get away with it..." the video's poster, Crayon 324, asked alongside the video.

However, a spokesman for the City of Saskatoon says the blame has been misdirected, and it was likely a malfunction of the machine due to heat, rather than operator error.

"We're doing an investigation to see what mechanical issues may have occurred. It was a very hot day on Friday and the hydraulics on those systems can overheat," Pat Hyde told CBC News.

He said the garbage can has been replaced.

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