07/15/2015 04:56 EDT | Updated 07/15/2015 04:59 EDT

Peter Alden Is The Third Wheel Any Couple Would Fall In Love With

The thought of having a pesky third wheel follow you and your lover around may sound annoying, but if he or she is anything like this guy, you might just welcome them with open arms.

In an Instagram page that has now gone viral, Peter Alden, 29, has posted several shots of himself as a hilarious third wheel, Buzzfeed reports.

The account, called @imnotathirdwheel, has pictures of Alden photobombing shots of his brother and his brother's fiancee. From the beach to fireplaces to cute dates on boats, Alden seems to be everywhere.

A photo posted by Trip Od (@imnotathirdwheel) on

A photo posted by Trip Od (@imnotathirdwheel) on

A photo posted by Trip Od (@imnotathirdwheel) on

A photo posted by Trip Od (@imnotathirdwheel) on

Earlier this week, Imgur user earthyhillgivens also posted several shots as the third wheel with a couple who just recently got married.

Shots include selfies with the couple at the beach, the mall and then finally, on their wedding day. How awkward.

What do you think? Would you mind this guy tagging along with you and your partner? Let us know in the comments below.

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