The Twinkle Tush Adds A Little Sparkle Where The Sun Don't Shine

The makers of the cat crib have created yet another gift cat lovers never knew they need.

The Twinkle Tush is a sparkly circular shaped jewel designed to purrrfectly cover your cat's behind. Yes, that's right, it's a jewel on a string that slides right down your cat's tail and dangles over its anus so you don't have to keep looking at it. Well, more like so you can look at something sparklier than your cat's bare butt hole.

Despite being an obvious gag gift, the Twinkle Tush website is very real. According to the site, the sparkly jewel is being sold for $5.99 USD with a $1 shipping fee across the United States.

So if the Twinkle Tush tickles your fancy, you can actually buy one... but we wouldn't recommend it.

Watch the hilariously awkward Twinkle Tush commercial above.