07/16/2015 02:48 EDT | Updated 07/16/2015 02:59 EDT

Sea Bunnies Have Caught The Internet's Attention In The Most Adorable Way

You would never give a slug this much attention, but this isn't your average sea slug.

Jorunna parva or sea bunnies (just look at those ears!) have been spotted all over Japanese users' social media sites this week. The cute balls of fluff that are either white or yellow have been taking over the Twitterverse, Japanese news site Rocket News 24 reports.

While some may be bothered by the slug's appearance calling it slimy or moldy (like some editors here), others are completely overwhelmed with its cuteness. Some Twitter users have also compared this miniature sea bunny to the likes of Pokemon Pikachu — hey, we see it.

Jorunna parva can be found underwater in the Pacific Ocean and parts of Japan. Rocket News 24 also notes the Japanese name for jorunna parva is gomafu biroodo umiushi, "which loosely translates to black speckled velvet sea slug." SO CUTE.

Check out these squirmy creatures below:


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