07/16/2015 04:31 EDT | Updated 07/17/2015 07:59 EDT

Tyler Shelton's Engagement Video Asks His Late Father-In-Law For His Blessing

Proposals are almost always an emotional endeavour, but add into the mix a man who takes into consideration what his late father-in-law would have wanted for his daughter, and you have yourself a heartwrenching moment.

Tyler Shelton, a filmmaker who is documenting every day of his 20s, put together the video above to showcase his true love for his girlfriend, Haylee Rose. According to the Today Show, the pair have been together for nine years, dating almost since middle school. Haylee's family have been willing participants in Tyler's videos throughout their time together.

Unfortunately, following Haylee's father Greg's sudden death in 2014, Tyler never had the opportunity to talk to him about his future with his daughter. Instead, as he shows in his proposal video, he took time to lay out all the things he would have said — and all the plans he has to make Haylee the happiest woman in the world.

Under an incredibly emotional circumstance, Tyler manages not only to honour Haylee's father, but her whole family — and if that doesn't speak to a life that can be lived beautifully together, very little can.

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