07/16/2015 05:15 EDT | Updated 07/16/2016 05:59 EDT

Greenfield Park councillor blames City of Longueuil for damaged flower bed

A councillor in Greenfield Park is furious about a damaged flower bed at the entrance to the South Shore borough that used to spell out "Greenfield Park" in flowers — and he is accusing the City of Longueuil of destroying it.

Wade Wilson says that ever since the recent controversy over language that caused conflict between the borough and the city of Longueuil, it's become difficult to work with the Longueuil mayor's administration.

Last month, Greenfield Park borough president Robert Myles butted heads with Longueuil Mayor Caroline St-Hilaire over the use of English at public council meetings.

St-Hilaire said she was fed up with Myles translating everything in English, given that the city has a French-language status.

"It's no coincidence," Wilson said.

He said the Greenfield Park flower bed has needed maintenance for about three months, but the City of Longueuil was doing nothing about it.

Wade decided to start his own initiative on social media, calling on Greenfield Park residents to get together on Sunday and plant flowers themselves.

Wade said hours after his call out to residents, Longueuil city workers showed up and bulldozed the flower bed.

"We've requested action for two and a half months, nothing had been done. Three hours later, they're here with bulldozers removing it."

The fence at the site of the flower bed was ripped up.

"To have this type of work done here is just unacceptable. People are entering our city looking at it, and it looks like we're in an absolute ghetto," Wade said.

The City of Longueuil said it tore the fence and bulldozed the flower bed because maintenance work is needed in that area.

Wilson said people in Greenfield Park will still show up on Sunday to plant flowers as a sign of solidarity.