07/16/2015 04:35 EDT | Updated 07/16/2015 05:59 EDT

John Tory Tries To Redeem Kanye Mistake With Embarrassing Video


Toronto’s mayor is desperate to make things right a day after mistakenly calling Kanye West a “proud product” of the city’s music industry.

John Tory took to Twitter Thursday to remind people he’s a good sport — the kind that rolls with public humiliation and is hip enough to make a music video synced to West’s “Stronger.”

Donning a remarkably clean baseball cap, Tory pops on a pair of deviceless earbuds and hops down into the subway to hitch a ride with other commuters.

Wearing sunglasses underground and bumping his head softly to the music, Tory grabs a subway seat and uncurls his newspaper — revealing a copy of Rolling Stone with West’s wife Kim Kardashian on the cover.

The video brings things full circle when Tory makes his way to city hall, ending the clip with the lyrics “Better, Faster, Stronger” — his own mayoral commentary.

On Wednesday, West was confirmed as a Pan Am Games closing ceremony headliner. Later at a press conference, the mayor was asked if he was a fan of the American rapper’s music.

Tory admitted he wasn’t.

“And I’m smart enough to know that he’s a proud product of our music industry here, as are a number of others,” he said, unaware about his error.

It’s not the first time the mayor has given eyebrow-raising remarks.

Earlier this year, he was asked about how he was adjusting to his new mayoral role and offered a cheeky response.

“It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on,” he said.

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