07/16/2015 06:30 EDT | Updated 07/16/2016 05:59 EDT

Montreal's 'Ministry of Cricket' sportsplex tangled up in red tape

Quebec may not have an official Ministry of Cricket, but one Otterburn Park man wants to create an unofficial one.

Angus Bell, the owner of an indoor, multi-sport centre in Ahuntsic he's dubbed the "Ministry of Cricket," or the "Ministère du Cricket," submitted an application last year to the Registraire des Entreprises to register the tongue-in-cheek name.

However, Bell says government red tape is getting in the way of his idea.  

He said he was surprised when he received a letter explaining that the name had been rejected.

"Right now, at every turn, our business is being blocked by bureaucracy," said Bell.

Angus Bell will be live on CBC Montreal's Daybreak this morning at 7:15 a.m. ET. Listen live here.

CBC's Daybreak reached out to the Registraire and, while they are unable to comment on specific cases, they pointed to the rules posted on their website.

Those rules include the stipulation that, "the name must not falsely imply that the enterprise is a non-profit group or a public authority or that the enterprise is linked to such an organization."

Set to open this fall

The centre, set to open in Ahuntsic near Marché Central in September, has three turf fields that can be rented by cricket, soccer, baseball, rugby — or other less-recognized sports like quidditch — teams.

It also has batting cages and a ping pong room.

Bell, who refers to himself as the Minister of Cricket and Other Homeless Sports, says they chose the name because they wanted something unique.

"Nobody else has this name," said Bell. "We wanted something that stands out and promotes cricket and other sports.

"It would have been nice to call it the Bell Centre but we already have one of those."

Bell is planning to resubmit the same name, as well as include Ministry of Cricket and other Homeless Sports (Ministère du Cricket & Autres Sports Orphelins) on his application, with the Registraire early next week but worries he will face the same result.

They've been using the name in promotional material and changing it at this point would be difficult.

"It affects everything," said Bell. "All our permits our hinging on our name."