07/16/2015 03:06 EDT | Updated 07/16/2016 05:59 EDT

Ontario Parks to increase 'glamorous' lodgings for campers

Camping in Ontario is getting a makeover.

Ontario Parks is working to expand its "glamping" or "glamourous camping" options to include more roofed accommodations like cabins and yurts.

Ontario Parks spokesperson Anne Craig says the demand is so high that these sites have been booked until the fall.

Glamping is bringing in a new demographic of people to the parks, such as "people who think camping is really intimidating."

"We need to sort of hold their hands a little bit the first time around," she said.

"But once they get into a park and see how easy it is, they'll hopefully come back as lifelong users."

In northeastern Ontario there are several glamping accommodations available. Glampers can rent a yurt in Pancake Bay, Windy Lake, and Killarney provincial parks.

Roofed accommodations also appeal to seniors who want a more comfortable stay, to people who don't have camping equipment, and to those who want to camp in colder weather.

"The roofed accommodation appeals to a whole new group of people. We certainly know that new Canadians don't necessarily have a tradition of camping, so they're coming into these comfy accommodations. It's broadening out our appeal," Craig said.

There are more than 330 provincial parks in Ontario. In 2014, Ontario's provincial parks received more than 8.5 million visits from people around the world.