Daniel Radcliffe As A Receptionist At Nylon Magazine Is Exactly What We'd Expect

Daniel Radcliffe is just so charming.

What would you do if Harry Potter was suddenly working at your office? Probably something like this.

In the hilarious video, actor Daniel Radcliffe poses as an office receptionist for an hour at Nylon magazine without staffers knowing. Without any real rules, Radcliffe surprises many of the company's employees and even says yes to a few pictures.

"I'm struggling with the pressure, I'm cracking already, it's not been good," the 25-year-old tells one employee.

Throughout the almost four minute video, he answers guests, figures out package deliveries and as always, is quite the charming British dude.

Oh, and wait till the end for the surprise guest.

You can watch the whole video below.


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