07/17/2015 07:55 EDT | Updated 07/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Rosemont residents wish their neighbourhood pothole a happy birthday

Residents in Rosemont are celebrating a birthday in their neighbourhood with balloons, hats and happy birthday signs.

But the decorations are not for a person — they're for a pothole.

"It's funny to celebrate a hole, but I'd rather be celebrating something else" said Melanie Laforest, who hopes the festive decorations will draw the attention of city officials.

Laforest told CBC that the gaping hole, situated at the corner of 10th Avenue and Holt Street, is right in front of her daycare — and it's been there for about a year.

The hole is covered with two large metal plates and is surrounded by orange pylons.

"It's ugly, it's dangerous and there are a lot of children walking around here," she said, adding that she made numerous requests to the city to have it fixed, but to no avail yet.

This week, she noticed the decorations, added some of her own, took pictures and posted them on social media.

Neighbour Carole Turcotte said she likes the initiative.

"I thought it was a funny way to tell the mayor its time to do something about the state of the streets in Montreal."

In a written statement, the borough said the hole has only been there since February.

It said repairs, which include fixing pipes underground, should be carried out and completed next week.