07/18/2015 02:22 EDT | Updated 07/18/2016 05:59 EDT

Funnel cloud spotted over Lake Winnipeg near Matlock

Muggy conditions led Environment Canada to issue funnel cloud advisories for parts of the Interlake region and southeast Manitoba on Saturday.

Tornado warnings that were in effect earlier — for St. Clements (Grand Beach and Brokenhead), Winnipeg Beach, St. Andrews, Selkirk, Gimli, Stonewall, Woodlands, Eriksdale and the surrounding areas — have since been lifted and downgraded to special weather advisories

Touch down

Catherine Dyck lives in Matlock, a small town northeast of Winnipeg, and said she witnessed a funnel cloud touch down over the noon hour.

"As we got closer, we saw it coming down into a point, we took several photos of it, and then it became a full funnel cloud and it was clearly touching the ground," Dyck said.  

She also photographed it sweeping across surface waters on Lake Winnipeg.

Just to the south of Matlock, north of Petersfield, Man., Jason Bedard recorded footage of a funnel cloud touching down, too.

Environment Canada said thunderstorms in the south are producing conditions that could lead to strong winds, large hail and intense rain.

Special weather advisories are also in effect across south and southeastern Manitoba Saturday afternoon — including Winnipeg, Hecla, Grand Beach, Morden, Winkler, Sprague, Steinbach, Lac Du Bonnet, the Whiteshell and the surrounding areas.

Environment Canada said people in these areas should take cover immediately if they see funnel clouds forming or touching down.