07/19/2015 12:00 EDT | Updated 07/19/2016 05:59 EDT

Shady Rest Fish and Chip Shop for sale, but only to right buyer

For the last 69 years, the restaurant located on Sutherland Avenue in Kelowna has sold fish and chips. Now, the current owner of Shady Rest Fish and Chip, Mel Pearson says it's time to sell the place, but only if he finds someone who promises to keep the restaurant going as it has been since the 1940s.

"I don't really want it to change. As a matter of fact, if someone bought and would do something different, I don't think I would sell it," Pearson told the CBC's Jaimie Kehler.  

Pearson's family bought the business in February of 1967 and it's remained in their possession ever since.

He says the real charm of the business has been its ability to stay the same as it was when he first started working there.

"To tell you the truth it hasn't really changed all that much. It's been the same clientele. Kids are coming in now from three generations."

"Most customers that I know don't even have to say anything, I just know what they're going to order. It's kind of neat."

Looking for its sixth owner

Pearson admits that he has not yet started telling his customers that he's planning on leaving the business. He says the reason for leaving is to have a little more time to himself.

"I've been here for 48 years and it's probably time."

The historic restaurant has had a total of five owners in the past and Pearson says it's time to find its sixth; with the condition being they keep the six-decade tradition alive.

"I hope a family buys it and continues using it as the same place. I'd hate to see it [become] something else."

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