07/20/2015 10:49 EDT | Updated 07/20/2015 10:59 EDT

Dad Films Wife Giving Birth To 10-Pound Baby In The Car

A Texas father filmed his wife giving birth to their 10-pound baby boy in their car after they were unable to make it to the birthing centre on time.

Lesia Pettijohn and her husband Jonathan were on their way to Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena when they got stuck in highway traffic. After over an hour, Lesia couldn’t wait any longer and gave birth to their son Josiah in the passenger seat of their minivan.

“It was difficult for me to stay calm,” the mother told “It definitely helped that [Jon] was calm. I was pretty much freaking out. I was not wanting to have him [in the car].”

On Saturday, a video of the ordeal made its way on to Reddit. Jon had filmed the entire event with a GoPro he had in his lap while driving. During the birth, Jon can be heard trying to keep his wife calm and giving her instructions after the boy was delivered.

“He's breathing, if he's crying, he's breathing, but hold him upside down, babe. Hold him upside down and pat him on the booty,” Jon said.

In response to why he never pulled over during the birth, the new dad explained: “The only reason I would pull over is if there is something wrong that needed to be dealt with immediately.”

According to KHOU-TV, the couple has two other children. For both their births, the couple arrived way too early at the hospital, so this time they decided to wait a little longer before they headed over.

When the couple finally arrived at the birthing centre, the staff were amazed that Lesia self-delivered a healthy, 10-pound boy.

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